It’s only 10 minutes until my first kettlebell class in Chamonix and there are already over 10 people here – not bad for a debut! Fine, the class is free and the weather is glorious but, hey, I’m thinking this is a win!

Growing The Mountain Foundry in Chamonix

It was just 12 months ago that I returned to the UK to qualify as a personal trainer and to start a new career in my life. With a huge amount of change and upheaval, I was determined to start something positive, that was mine, and that made me happy.

One year on, it is most definitely doing that.

With several moderately successful classes last summer, I mainly focused on personal training and one-to-one training. I wanted to hone my craft, attending several amazing and informative courses, and working with some wonderful clients and now I’m ready for the next step – group classes.

The Mountain Foundry has grown from strength to strength and, since day one I have wanted to replicate the awesome and inspiring atmosphere of the classes that kick-started my fitness interest – both British Military Fitness and Fitter London. Now is the time for me to start building that community, but my version.

Group kettlebell classes in Chamonix

Group kettlebell training at the amazing running track

Group kettlebell training at the amazing running track

Kettlebells, and the benefits they bring, have changed my life; the changes to my body, the climbing I’ve achieved, and the friends I have made. I want to bring that same sense of positive impact and benefit to people here at the foot of Mont Blanc.

With the summer starting in earnest in July, I wanted to make the most of the beautiful, if a little intermittent spring we get here. May is very firmly in the inter-season block of the year meaning town is quiet, people are transitioning from one sport to another, and our home is light on tourists and visitors. This felt like the perfect time to launch my new group classes – focusing on the year round, permanent resident community.

The first group kettlebell class

Group kettlebell training at the amazing running track

Group kettlebell training at the amazing running track

All in all, 20 people turned up – 5 men and an amazing 15 women. Everyone was there with a different fitness level and expectation and I won’t lie, I was nervous! With over 30 people saying they were going to come, I needed to plan for a large class, my 12 kettlebells would not quite stretch that far..

I opted for a circuit session that mixed both body-weight exercises with kettlebell movements with some ground work and loaded carries thrown in for good measure. The response was.. Very positive, thankfully, everyone seemed to have a smile on their face (at least some of the time, the rest of the time the hard work was clear and great to witness!).

As I start the regular, paid classes, obviously numbers are a little lower but the enthusiasm and enjoyment is holding – something that I want to keep as the focal point of my classes.

If you live in Chamonix, are passing through this summer, or even want to make a special trip out to come and train with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me via email, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!

Kettlebell classes in Chamonix

Kettlebell classes in Chamonix

by Charley Radcliffe

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