It’s 8am on a Monday morning, my lungs are burning and my legs feel like lead, but a smile is spreading across my face. I’m running to work and I’m on the home stretch of the 6.5 miles route. I’m going to be sitting down for the rest of the day, there is no need to leave anything in the tank, no need to hold back, now is the time to go all out. I make the last turn and I’m there. I stumble to a halt, bent over double to catch my breath and checked my watch.

44 minutes 23 seconds since I set off from home. My personal best.

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People often ask what it is about climbing and mountaineering that I enjoy. What is it that motivates me? What is it that makes me spend the majority of my holidays tied to vertical walls, wading through snow, or shivering at a belay?

Sometimes it is the of impact being in these environments can have on me as a person, sometimes it is the sense of achievement of climbing something I didn’t think I could.

At the end of the day, though, it boils down to the simple joy of sharing new experiences.

With both new and old friends, filling my lungs with fresh air and just feeling like a kid again, playing in the great outdoors.

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Many of you people may know, last year was rather full on. I had invested everything in my second business, Goals for Giving, and it hadn’t worked out, you can read more about  that here. A month after closing my business,  I married an amazing and understanding woman, Sophie Radcliffe. I was completely burnt out leading up to the wedding and Sophie and I decided that we needed to have a proper break and focus on our future.

One of the key steps to my recovery was an inspiring and, dare I say it, life changing climb I completed that pushed both my physical and mental boundaries leaving me exhausted but liberated.

If this sounds a bit over the top then please let me try and explain.

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