In June 2015 I officially launched The Mountain Foundry, my new business that is working with everyday athletes to elites by training them in strength and conditioning for the mountains. Training both face-to-face in Chamonix and remotely via the magic of the internet, my goal is to make people stronger, more confident, and safer in the mountains by providing their bodies with a suit of armour.

Where did The Mountain Foundry come from

What has struck me most about launching The Mountain Foundry was how natural the whole process has been. I have grown a huge amount, as a person, and what I am doing now feels like the logical next step. From my first leaps into fitness, climbing, and the outdoors, to upping sticks and moving to Chamonix, today feels like the I am on the path that I should be on.

I've come a long way..

I’ve come a long way..

I am not a natural athlete, climber, or mountain dweller. Though it is clear that I love doing everything that I do, this has not come easily to me, and, though I have made amazing progress of which I am incredibly proud, I know I have a long way still to go.

What has allowed me to get where I am today is the passion and love for these sports and environments. This has encouraged me to keep trying when I’m failing, keep pushing when I’m hurting, and keep believing when I doubt everything.

What is The Mountain Foundry’s objective

I want to make the mountains safer and more enjoyable for people and I believe that starts with your physical preparedness. A strong and well conditioned body will support you in all your mountain endeavours; enabling you to climb or run for longer, move faster, and, most importantly, prevent injuries.

Moving in the mountains, whatever the conditions

Moving in the mountains, whatever the conditions – photo Dan Wildey

The mountains are my point of reference but you don’t need to be running the UTMB to benefit from the training and preparation I use. I believe that all sports can benefit from structured and planned strength training and the lessons I share at TMF will be just as applicable to people running road marathons, cycling long distance, or just wanting to be in better shape.

What am I offering

Initially, I am working with people two fronts; the first, face-to-face training in Chamonix in both group and personal sessions; the second, remote programming for people outside of where I live.

The group classes are all about improving your general physical preparedness for hard and difficult physical activity and I’ve already had a wide range of people attend from professional mountain guides to elite runners to passionate outdoors people just wanting to get a little fitter.

Personal training is the second service I am offering here in Chamonix with this being a much more tailored service, working closely with people to reach their goals and motivate them while we train either outdoors with kettlebells and hills, or in the gym with barbells and heavy weights.

Group training

Training underneath Mont Blanc

The third offering is remote programming. This is where I am working with people to help them achieve their goals but leaving them to complete the training on their own in a space more convenient to them than commuting to the Alps. Already I am helping two runners; one improve their Vertical KM time and the second, prepare for a 156 mile, multi-day ultra run around Iceland next year.

Besides these core services I am also going to be announcing some very exciting sports-specific programmes which I will share in due course. Needless to say, what this space and pop over to The Mountain Foundry to sign up to my newsletter for the latest updates.

How I can help you

Whatever your objective, I would love to hear from you and help not just make the challenge a reality but prepare you in such a way that you enjoy every moment of it. Challenges should always be tough but starting with a strong foundation in your body will make them much more achievable.

Wish me luck and come say hi on Twitter, Facebook, and my website!

by Charley Radcliffe

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  1. katy

    wow- wish i had the balls to do something like this after i did my gym instruction award in 2012……. oh well.


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