Nepal was an incredible trip. Not only did I get to experience a wonderful and inspiring new country, I also had a massive amount of time to reflect on where I have been, where I am, and where I want to go. I have written about searching for my purpose, taming the swarm of ideas and inspiration, and my Very Hungry Caterpillar philosophy but it was the time alone in the Himalayas that gave me the space to let it all come together.

Where I have come from

My professional background is pretty varied; I’ve toured with live bands selling t-shirts for the likes of Green Day and Robbie Williams; I’ve worked for one of the UK’s fastest growing tech startups; I’ve founded my own digital agency; and, I even gave my own tech startup a committed attempt.

I have learnt a huge amount across all these areas, always taking what I have gained in one world and applying it to the next. This breadth of experience has helped me connect dots other people haven’t seen, innovating and driving success through a different perspective. I’ve loved every job I have had, and only moved on when I’ve felt my time there was done.

The last 12 months have been unusual for me. I’ve not had a clear purpose or direction. When Sophie and I moved to Chamonix, we knew we needed to pursue our passion for the outdoors and, combining this with our professional skills, we knew we could give making it work here a good shot. It has worked, so far. Sophie’s success is growing every day and it is so amazing to have a front row seat to her progress as an athlete and role model. She is certainly my role model.

I have been a little lost in this time. I have been wandering, and wondering, trying to find what fits, what motivates me, and what I want to commit to, with all my heart, body, and soul. When Sophie asked me If you can only do one thing for the next year, what would it be? Only one word leapt into my mind: Mountains. That word has stuck. I want what I do to be related to the mountains.

This time last year, I signed up for the Strong First Kettlebell Instructor programme. I had to pull out but the goal has never gone away. I have wanted to get a deeper understanding of kettlebells and strength training for a while now and have worried that, though comprehensive, the 3 day course would not be quite enough. I want to really know what I’m doing and to share that with people safely and correctly.

I want to train people and have the effect on people as others have on me and my body

In May, Sophie and I will be heading back to the UK for 6 weeks so that I can train as a gym instructor and personal trainer. From this starting point, I want to start building on this knowledge I’m seeking through working as a fitness professional, reading and testing everything I can get my hands on, and sharing what I discover with those willing to learn. Getting my kettlebell certification will be a key step on that path.

Returning to Chamonix, I will work with locals and visitors alike to build up the strength, endurance, and agility with these incredible mountains as my frame of reference. With locals, I want to open up the mountains; helping them run further and faster, climber harder and higher, and ski stronger and longer. With those visiting, it will be about showing them how training for the mountains can not only continue in the city but also how these techniques can be used to crush non-mountain goals in your life.

I have a dream that, one day, I will have a great training space that people will come to visit, learn at, and grow with. A space that provides the best foundations for whatever people want to stack on top of it.

My first steps, unknowingly, started several years ago. Now I want to consciously push my personal and professional development, growing my knowledge base and experience to train people to be the best they can be.

by Charley Radcliffe

4 Responses to “Taking a step into the unknown”

  1. Eric Winstone

    That’s an excellent goal Charlie. You will do it dig deep and learn as you go. It would also be good if you did a first aid course, MLC training and get some background to basic physiology. Maybe one day you can employ a Physio in your ‘space’ as well. Good luck.

  2. Carl Wright

    I love how you and Sophie give each other space to pursue each of your dreams and ambitions, while at that same time inspiring others to live to their highest potential. Your encouragement and support for one another is wonderful. You compliment each other so well, and it has brought out the best in both of you.
    All the best in your path of kettleball certification. Whatever you do, I know you bring out the best in people you come in contact with.


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