My heart is in the mountains and has been utterly captured by these magnificent giants. If yours is too, you can show it with these t-shirts and hoodies! This is a deliberate plug for a new little venture I’m testing out and I would love your feedback, input, and, ideally your custom!

Buy a t-shirt or hoodie sharing your love of the mountains here!

T-shirts, V-Necks, and Hoodies

T-shirts, V-Necks, and Hoodies

How I came to the mountains

I was very much a late starter to enjoying all that the outdoors offers. At 27, I set off to climb Mont Blanc on a packaged, guided trip with minimal knowledge and experience for what I was letting myself in for. I knew she was big, I knew she would be tough, but I didn’t really how heavily I would fall in love.

Waking up at 3am, bleary eyed and still half asleep, shoveling food into my mouth before embarking on my first alpine start is an experience I still vividly remember. We were climbing the Lagginhorn, in Switzerland, at 4,010m as part of our acclimatisation for Mont Blanc. Marching along in single file, tied together for safety on the crevassed and dark glacier, I witnessed not just my first alpine dawn, sitting above a bed of clouds, but also that indescribable sense of satisfaction, sitting on the summit after 3 hours of climbing knowing that everyone back home was just about getting to the office.

After this trip, I became a little obsessed. I wanted to learn more, climb more, and grow into an independent and strong climber. Holidays were spent travelling to various rock climbing areas of the UK with a yearly pilgrimage back to Chamonix to grow as an alpinist.

Falling deeper and deeper in love with the mountains

Trips became longer and dreams became bigger. I came to a turning point where I realised that all I was doing in London was working towards being able to buy my future in the mountains down the line. That successfully building a business would allow me to retire to the mountains.

But when?

If I wait until then it may be too late? Or I might never make it in there in the end, any way.

The crossroad came and I made a decision. Why not now? Why not live a life less ordinary? And, why not make it a success.

Well, I’m getting there. It has been a rocky road but that is what I signed up for with climbing mountains.

I signed up for the unbeaten path, the exploration into the unknown, and the adventure this entails.

As I build up The Mountain Foundry, write more for wonderful publications such as Sidetracked Magazine, and explore new avenues to making this life work, I am proud to announce this new venture.

My heart is in the mountains

T-shirts, V-Necks, and Hoodies

T-shirts, V-Necks, and Hoodies

I am starting with men’s and women’s t-shirts and then unisex hoodies. I’ve already been asked a number of times about children’s clothing and that is most definitely on the agenda. You can find the clothing here, on Teespring, a kickstarter to clothing website.

We’ve already reach the minimum goal so the items are definitely going to be printed and delivered.

Don’t delay nor miss out, sign up today and bag your awesome mountain t-shirt!

by Charley Radcliffe

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  1. Julien

    Hi Charley

    Very interesting how you try to make your life work, and i have to admit, verty motivating for someone like me, trying as well to make his own life work.
    I hope the best for you, and I’ll keep an eye on your clothe brand.



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