At 6.30am on Monday 10th October I am starting a very exciting, if not slightly terrifying, campaign with The North Face where I will be training skiers and snowboarders alike, live on their Facebook Page. You can sign up, download the plan, and get involved here.


Mountain Athletics Live

The aim is to deliver a 6 week training programme that will help prepare people all over the globe for the upcoming ski season. I have been working with and training with TNF’s Mountain Athletics team to develop an effective and enjoyable programme that anyone can join in, from wherever they are in the world.

Combining strength work, work capacity, athleticism and endurance, based on 4 sessions per week, the sessions cycle such that each Monday morning I will teach and lead a class on the TNF Facebook page with my trusty companions Steve and Hannah.

Starting with a fitness test, the aim is to progress over the 6 weeks to deliver tangible and real results. All you have to do is show up and put the work in.

Easy, no?

The programme and sessions

Visiting TNF HQ

Visiting TNF HQ

While I was in America recently I flew down to San Francisco and TNF headquarters to meet with Jon Lucchesi, a trainer over that way who has been heading up the Mountain Athletics programme online with their fitness app, managing their MA instructors across the globe and also internally delivering sessions in their HQ for TNF staff.

Over the day, I received a crash course in Mountain Athletics, where it comes from and how it works. Founded from the work of Rob Shaul and Mountain Athlete, in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, The North Face have evolved the work, with the help of Jon, into a huge, community fitness project across their stores.

Based on the fundamentals of strength and conditioning we talked about programming, session design, working with groups, and effectively delivering the training sessions. It was great to chat with someone who worked in such a similar field within the fitness industry as well as with the same passions as me for the outdoors.

With a head swimming with ideas, inspiration and psych, over the last few weeks we have been putting together a programme that will help people best prepare for the upcoming winter holiday.

But would better like burpees!

Stepping up

The Mountain Foundry

The Mountain Foundry

The last year or so has been one of many ups and downs but out of this has come something that I truly love and am incredibly passionate about; training people for the mountains. The Mountain Foundry and working with these inspiring and driven athletes, of all levels, has given me a new direction in my life and opened up a whole new world.

As I continue down this path new and amazing opportunities are opening up from online and remote training to new workshops I am putting on in London (more coming soon but you can see the ski one here and running one here!) and this has led to this amazing opportunity with The North Face.

I am very much still learning but every step I have taken before has been preparing me for this and I feel confident that I can not only deliver a great live training programme but that I am the right person for the job.

Now it is just up to me to step up!

It would be great to see as many of you there as possible, so please do tune in! All details are here.

by Charley Radcliffe

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