ISPO is often about launching new products but it is also about new companies making their break and launching their dreams and initiatives. This ISPO I was really lucky to meet some of them and hear what is going on all over the world. From the USA to Sweden to a global sports initiative, here are 4 of my favourites.

Women In Board & Action Sports

Women In Board and Action Sports

Back in the day I was a skater and a snowboarder. I might have moved over to two planks but, I guess, my heart is still drawn to board sports. I’m not entirely sure how I came across these girls doing some pretty awesome things but I’m glad I did.

Set up as a collective and community to support women on board sports, they are spread wider and are doing some amazing things for the community. From supporting filmmakers and photographers, to bringing much needed attention and light to upcoming athletes. The highlight of their ISPO was an incredibly successful networking lunch that even actively encouraged men to get involved.

Check them out!



Before attending ISPO, a few companies reached out to share their products and SmellWell most certainly caught my eye. Designed by a husband and wife power-team, the problem was simple – their daughter’s boots and hockey gloves were pretty gross after training and they needed a solution. As with every great product, it started with their own need and it seems they have answered it.

As can be no surprise, smell shoes is certainly a problem I have too; climbing shoes that need to be left outside after even the shortest session, mountain boots that are soaked and need properly drying, and running shoes that just don’t bear thinking about. I managed to get a sample at the show and have been trying it out at home and they definitely work. Now is time to really put them to the test with some (frustratingly..) spring like conditions here in Chamonix.

Sego Skis

Sego Skis

Chamonix is a very transient place with people from all over the world passing through for everything from short holidays to seasons to the few of us who simply never left. Last winter I met an American skier called Abbott who, since leaving Chamonix, has moved to Idaho and joined Sego Skis, an independent ski manufacturer.

I really love it when I meet people who are putting themselves out there and working with what they love and Peter Wells the founder of Sego Skis, is doing just that. Already with a broad and awesome line up, they are taking on the big boys and holding their own. They were lucky to be sent over by the Idaho Chamber of Commerce and so I really hope that the whole trip and experience was what they were hoping for.

If you’re after and original yet high performing ski, check them out!

It’s Great Out There

It’s Great Out There

Anything that actively encourages people to get out into the outdoors is a great thing, in my book, and the It’s Great Out There initiative, brought together by a number of top flight brands is doing just that. With founding members such as The North Face, Mammut, Keen, and Marmot, they have the clout to make a real difference.

Share you memories, tell your stories, and inspire others to join you in the great outdoors. Sharing is caring and you should check out some of their amazing content!

by Charley Radcliffe

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