I’m back..!

Time flies when you’re having fun, hey?

It has been nearly a year since my last blog post. So much has happened; summer continued with plenty of running and climbing, autumn saw me producing a feature film and filming on the north face of the Eiger, and then I skied 101 days in 140 over the winter. And that is all before this summer kicked off with tonnes of granite climbing.

I’ve been wanting to pick up writing here again for a long time but not felt I could. This post started out as some whiny and entitled post. I ranted about how I am conflicted with some people’s approach to social media – smoke and mirrors and doing it for the likes, and what I don’t like about it.

Crikey. If it wasn’t so boring it would have been comedy gold.

So, instead, I’m just here writing for the first time in a year about how I want to write again. Gripping stuff.

Where have I been

In all honesty, I have just been living my life in the beautiful place that I call home, Chamonix. And I mean it when I say this place is home. I could not ask for more from the friends and life I have here. Every time I am away, I crave to come back and very time I return, I look up and around me and a peace returns and I think I am home. I am where I belong.

It still surprises me when people back in London ask when will I be moving back. Honestly, I can never see myself living in London (or any city) again. I might not live in Chamonix forever, but I will certainly be somewhere similar!

So, I am going to start writing again..

I’ve been sharing some of my life on Instagram (go on, follow me!) but mostly enjoying whatever has come for itself. I have not felt that I had much to say on my blog and so haven’t written.

I do not feel like anything has changed in terms of people wanting to hear what I have to say but I do know I would like to start writing again and I would like to start sharing my experiences again in the hope that people can learn from them and I, in turn, can learn from everyone else.

Where to begin..

Over the last year I have been fortunate enough to meet dozens of inspiring and amazing people, I’ve skied more vertical metres than I can count (well, I could have counted but did not, next year?), and I’ve continued to work on awesome projects that get me out into the mountains as much as I can handle.

So I am going to start writing about it again.

Do feel free to give me some guidance however. Do you want to hear more about:

  • Outdoors adventures – skiing 100 days, climbing lots, failing at running?
  • The awesome projects I’ve been working on – filming on the Eiger, flying in helicopters, and community work with The North Face?
  • General cool things about the town I call home – do you know all the amazing things people make here?
  • My neuroses, issues, and general anxieties – ha, i dare you!?
  • Or, how about no. We enjoyed the peace and quiet. Crawl back under your hole, Radders.

Answers on a postcard with your favourite mountain, please.

by Charley Radcliffe

4 Responses to “I’m back..!”

  1. Stuart

    Pretty much all of those except the last one (silence). But especially interested to learn more about your filming on the Eiger.
    Welcome back!
    (My knees are in shock at the thought of 101 day’s skiing!)


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