Since finally getting off my backside, out of the pub and tying on a pair of running shoes several years ago, I have changed. A lot. From not being able to run a few miles to running marathons. From never having tied onto a climbing rope to leading steep ice climbs at high altitude. And from working for the man to starting two new businesses and venturing out into the incredible world of technology and startups.

I have made sacrifices to get here but sacrifices I would gladly make again. With my adventures, I’ve said no to going out drinking, curbed my pick and mix addiction, and given up countless hours in bed but I’ve found something so much better. The adventures I’ve been on, people I’ve met and experiences I’ve relished have all built on each other.

Professionally, I’ve put everything on the line several times and I’m still standing, maybe a little scarred but still standing, and that is due to the incredible support from the people that love me. (You can check out some of my apps here)

I’m finally feeling like I’m making real progress.

The favour. To come on adventures with me. To invite me to climb with you, go for runs, or walk in the hills. To talk about startups, business and the internet over coffee. To share what you know with me so I can learn and keep growing and to let me share what I have learnt with you.

In return for this favour, I promise I will do my best to always say yes. To do my utmost to not let you down and to value what is most precious to you and that you give me, your time.

 Adventurer Dave Cornthwaite has a brilliant project at the moment, Say Yes More, a life philosophy that I wholeheartedly get behind. I want to say yes more and I want to be around people saying yes more, too.

Sophie and I have some ambitious plans over the next few months, all of which build on what we’ve already accomplished. What will make them even better is to share them with like-minded people and for me to open them up to you like others opened up to me.

Some things I’m looking at focussing on are:

Getting out climbing in the UK hills more

Get out into the UK hills more - camping, climbing, exploring

Climbing bigger, steeper routes in the Alps

Climb bigger, steeper routes in the Alps

Running, running, and running some more

Run, run, and run some more

Building new and innovative digital products

Build amazing products

So here I am, asking this of you:

Can you help me and can I help you?

by Charley Radcliffe

8 Responses to “Can I ask a favour?”

  1. Alison

    Brilliant Charley!
    If you ever fancy a coffee or an adventure over in the Jura let us know xx

  2. Sophie

    I love your blog. When you reach out to people, they will come flooding. So many likeminded people who all want to go running, climbing, cycling and try something new. Opening the doors to them will open the gates. I can’t wait to see what adventures you take on next. Keep exploring, smiling and doing xx

  3. Conrad

    Charlie, just found your site from our recent thread on Twitter. If you’re ever on the east coast of USA or in Canada let me know


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