About Charley Radcliffe, aka DigitalSteak

Me, Charley Radcliffe

Me, Charley Radcliffe

Hi, I’m Charley Radcliffe

I moved to Chamonix, France, in 2014 to follow my dreams of a more balanced life between working and the great outdoors.

I work with companies as a digital strategist and freelance product manager, running my own digital consultancy, Medium Rare Digital and as a UK REPs L3 Personal Trainer through The Mountain Foundry.

As an aspiring alpinist and adventurer, I am currently focusing on seeing where I can take my love of climbing rock of all kinds, frozen waterfalls, and steep alpine north faces. I’m into my running too, dabbling in ultra distant challenges such as an unsupported run across the 100km of trails from London to Brighton.

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  1. giancarlo

    Hi Charlie, I was Mom’s driver to Cortina yesterday and it was a pleasent conversation concernig your Races.
    I climb with my RoadBike sometimes up to the Mountains, especially to the Monte Grappa. I have tested all the climbs included the one for on OffRoad for Mtb that it’s very tough!
    I find the long Trail very interesting.
    I will study your suggestions of training. Maybe I will Try.
    P.s. I have a daughter, (and a son) , her name is Sofia.

  2. Dick

    Hi Charlie,
    How easy/difficult did you find moving to Cham? I’m looking to live the same dream but need to think about location and employment.
    Could you recommend areas nearby, Cham will be V expensive and I prefer rural/ quiet
    Nice report on Mike/ Rory Lavaredo. I also suffered around it, cramped and bonked but managed 20hrs. Puked for 40m of UTMB. I think it just depends how much you really want to finish.
    Thanks for reading.

    • Charley Radcliffe

      Hey Dick,

      Wow, that is quite a struggle but amazing you made it round! Cham is awesome but as it’s pros and cons. There are a number of beautiful – and cheaper – villages around. I know people love Les Houches, Montroc, and Servoz..

      The move was easy on some levels but very difficult on others, sorry that is so vague!! 🙂


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